Donation Privacy Policy

In order to be able to send you your Radiothon premiums, WRIU must collect certain personal contact information from you.

The information that you provide on your pledge form, whether online or by phone, is stored in a password protected database on the internet.

This information includes your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. It also includes the amount you donated, the department and programs you supported, your premium selections and any notes you included in the provided space.

Your billing information is not stored electronically by WRIU in any way.

Online, your payment information is the sole responsibility of our payment gateway, PayPal.

For donations over the phone, all credit card information is hand written on paper forms which are immediately placed in a locked donation box. This box is only opened at the close of Radiothon to transport the forms for manual credit card processing. After you have been charged, the paper forms are destroyed.

WRIU does not sell, share, distribute, or otherwise use the personal information collected on your pledge form for any purpose other than to determine the correct quantities of premiums and packing materials to order, generate shipping labels and in rare cases to contact you to clarify questions about your pledge form except for the limited information included in the station’s public inspection file.

The name, city or town, donation amount and program donated to of all donors is included in an annual report included in the station’s public inspection file. No other information is included.